Empowering Digital Transformation

VMware Executive Exchange

Date: 26th Apr 2016

Venue: Groucho Club, 45 Dean St, London W1D 4QB

"By the end of 2017, two-thirds of Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy."

- IDC FutureScape, November 2015

Digital transformation is an unavoidable imperative for enterprise organisations as they are increasingly challenged by smaller, more nimble competitors.

Software defines the new digital business. At the heart of this transformation lie the "applications" which need to be deployed, managed and secured at web scale and speed in a mobile cloud world.

VMware invites you to an exclusive event where you can network with peers to exchange ideas and insights around the real-world challenges - and opportunities - of digital transformation.

Our customers will share some of the outcomes they have realised so far in their digital journey, including operational agility, architected in security and significant improvements to customer experience. This will help you accelerate your thinking about the software-defined strategy to meet your organisation's digital transformation imperative.

The agenda also includes deep-dive discussions on:

Mobility Trends - Delivering Consumer Simple whilst Enterprise Secure

The only guarantee for future IT is constant change. Adding to this the new expectations from millennials entering the workspace means it will be critical to find new ways of delivering applications while maintaining a rigorous level of governance and security. We will investigate what is needed organisationally to achieve these goals.

Security. Protecting Applications and Data in a Mobile Cloud World

The global megatrends in IT (mobility, cloud, social, big data) mean that protecting data -from the data center, right the way through to end user device - has never been more important. Building multiple security silos isn't the answer: you need a platform approach where security is architected in and not bolted on. We will explore why, and how.

Innovate like a Startup, Deliver like an Enterprise

Scale and resources are no longer guarantees of survival: market position today is determined by the speed at which you can innovate. Agility within the enterprise is key to accelerating transformation. In this new world, how are enterprise organisations adapting successfully and taking on the disruptors?

Places are strictly limited, so please book yours early.
We look forward to seeing you.

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