Guarantee the Performance of Critical Business Applications to End Users across an Increasingly Complex and Hybrid Topography

Date: 5th May 2016

Venue: Royal Exchange, London, EC3V 3LR

According to a recent survey of 280 senior IT professionals undertaken by InfoVista, the top 3 major ICT trends are:

• Cloud Computing
• Information Security
• Multi device and Mobility

When asked how these trends will affect expectations of application performance, over two-thirds of respondents felt that end users will demand even better application performance as a result of these IT investments.

The top 3 types of applications implemented in the past 2 years or planned in the coming 2 years are:

• Unified Communications (MS Lync, Video Conferencing, VOIP)
• Collaboration tools (MS Sharepoint)
• Cloud based productivity apps (Office 365, Google for Work)

However these applications cause the greatest challenges to application performance. The more successful they are in terms of end user adoption, the more effective they are in boosting end user productivity, the more strain they put on the corporate network, quite often to the detriment of business critical revenue generating and cost controlling applications.

Despite this many organisations do not have visibility into the applications being carried on their corporate network nor insight into which applications are having a negative impact on performance.

Join CBR and InfoVista for this exclusive dining club event which will discuss the new direction for managing business critical applications on a Hybrid WAN. Learn how to protect the performance of these applications whilst reducing telecoms costs, and exchange ideas with industry experts and your peers on how application performance can be guaranteed.

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