Not boiling the ocean - how can enterprises address processing and data analytics at scale for true business value

Date: 8th Jun 2016

Venue: Bleeding Heart Restaurant, 3 Bleeding Heart Yard, London EC1N 8SJ

Large data sets did not emerge with the Internet of Things but the industrial internet will accelerate data generation to unprecedented levels. But are digital strategies keeping pace with IOT and IOE?
Traditional structured data volumes continue to grow. Unstructured data is a societal phenomenon. And machine to machine data is in its infancy.

Addressing the processing, storage and transit of these data sets is challenging enough but line of business leaders are now asking: ‘Why do we have all of this data and how can be derive value from it?’

The obvious answer is Analytics but what are the real challenges of addressing processing and analytics at scale?

Data sources range from oil and gas environments, manufacturing and changing manufacturing processes, sensor data, machine to machine data, right up through to social media sentiment analysis.

As every business becomes digital so having the correct big data strategy becomes ever more urgent.

Whether you are developing a master data strategy or have embarked on a Hadoop project this very special CBR Dining Club event is an opportunity to explore this vital subject with your peers from Tier 1 organisations from a range of industries and experts from our host Pure Storage.

Learn and share in an in-depth discussion on digital strategies needed to analyse and extract insight for business value from new data sets.

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