Cyber extortion and ransomware: Stories from the frontline

Date: 29th Jun 2016

Venue: The Goring Hotel, Beeston Pl, London SW1W 0JW

In February this year, a Hollywood, California hospital fell victim to a destabilising ransomware attack. Malicious software locked down computer networks and the head of the hospital declared an ‘internal emergency’ as systems went offline for over a week. Left with little option, the hospital paid a 40 bitcoin ransom, the equivalent of $17,000.

The incident bore some similarities to a March 2013 attack on three television stations and a bank in South Korea, the DarkSeoul malware freezing computer terminals and rendering the affected businesses impotent. But whereas the Hollywood hospital was extorted for money, suspicions in South Korea turned to geo-politics, an act of cyber warfare the most likely cause.

If it could happen to a bank, a TV station or a hospital what is to stop it happening to your organisation?

At this special CBR Dining Club event, our partners for the night Intel Security will share their first hand experience of dealing with cases of cyber extortion and ransomware.

Self-described “first responders”, Intel Security will explain what they found at some of the most high-profile breaches in recent years and how they tackled the problems that they encountered. They will discuss how to plug the gap in that crucial first hour, how to identify clues that help track down perpetrators – and how to put in place a workable prevention strategy.

The evening, in the exclusive setting of The Goring Hotel, will offer you the chance to hear from the experts and share thoughts and opinions with your senior IT and security peers. Do join us for a night of fine dining and insightful conversation.

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