Discover hidden threats with User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

Date: 15th Sep 2016

Venue: The Savoy Hotel, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

Cyber criminals seek technology attack surfaces to get behind the firewall, onto the network and into your systems. However, they are equally if not more attuned to seeking vulnerabilities in users. Even if they are not acting maliciously, network users can put your business at risk simply by bypassing policies and procedures while doing their job.

Users can do great damage - their abnormal behaviour is notoriously difficult to detect. So how much at risk is your business if you can\'t identify user threat activity?

It's vital that an organisation has visibility of when a user behaves in an erratic and unusual manner to ensure any business risk can be mitigated quickly and effectively.

Many companies are confronting this challenge with User Behaviour Analytics (UBA), which can help you detect and respond to user threats, such as when:
• An insider turns against your organisation
• A cyber-attacker steals a user’s credentials
• An administrator abuses account privileges

Join us to take part in discussing how UBA can be a powerful weapon in your Security arsenal in order to have an effective user threat detection program.

Gain actionable takeaways on:
• Why detecting user threats is so important - and so difficult
• Different approaches to UBA
• The value in having visibility of user behaviour across your business
• How to maximise the efficiency of your security analysts
• The importance of security intelligence – Establishing a framework to reduce the risk with security intelligence

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