Building a high performance digital enterprise

Date: 22nd Sep 2016

Venue: St Martin's Lane Hotel, 45 St Martin's Ln, London WC2N 4HX

The current march towards the digital enterprise is gathering pace. Across all industries IT organisations are being asked to implement ever more complex and resource intensive applications whilst continuing to reduce infrastructure costs. Whether a business is implementing digital applications in its retail stores, Unified Communications in its branch offices, including voice and video, or a cloud based business application, this all puts an increased pressure on the wide area network (WAN). This conflicts with a key objective of many companies seeking to reduce their investment in costly MPLS bandwidth, diverting traffic instead over cheaper internet links or even utilising previously unused back up links.

The challenges and opportunities for creating a digital enterprise are sizeable yet no enterprise can deliver on digital opportunities, whether they be new ways of serving customers or new business processes, without a strong infrastructure. Performance and responsiveness are absolutely critical to the adoption and success of these key business applications.

In some organisations CIOs are wrestling with the problems of rapid growth through merger and acquisition (M&A), which has had a significant impact on their ability to deliver a digital enterprise. IT departments have inherited a lot of hardware and software assets with no time for consolidation nor any visibility of what is running across their networks. The need for better management and intelligence of the network is clear.

Building a digital enterprise can lead to discussions focused on new technologies and methods. In recent years CIOs looking to modernise their network infrastructure have had a range of new opportunities available to them. Software defined networks (SDN) have been portrayed as a silver bullet solution but arguably SDN makes it easier for organisations to consume more network resources. The cost of bandwidth continues to decline so why should CIOs even be concerned?

Join CBR and InfoVista for this exclusive dining club event which will discuss the opportunities and challenges of building a high performance digital enterprise. Learn how to protect the performance of your most critical business applications whilst implementing resource intensive digital technology at the same time as reducing telecoms costs. Exchange ideas with industry experts and your peers on how the digital enterprise can be achieved.

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