EVENT FULL - How to drive a sustainable data centre strategy based on optimum use of capital and energy efficiency

Date: 26th Jan 2017

Venue: The Goring Hotel, 15 Beeston Pl, London SW1W 0JW

Until recently it was uptime alone that was the primary driver of capital investment and energy policy in commercial owner managed and operated data centres.

But in today’s environment this has changed radically with energy management and efficiency now of equal importance to uptime and efficient capital deployment top of the list for all businesses.

Sustainability means not just a measurement of environmental impact but also consideration of data centre design and operation.

Modular options mean greater flexibility for matching infrastructure to workload. The days of over- specification and five nines uptime for every workload are no longer viable.

Join this CBR Dining Club with hosts Riello UPS for a discussion on meeting the challenges of running efficient data centres. Gain key data and takeaways from the debate on how capital can best be deployed and on how energy efficiency is now a vital aspect of data centre operation.

The old capital and operating costs are unsustainable.

How data centres are being operated is changing. But there are serious challenges in driving and measuring energy efficiency in the data centre.

Technologies which can be configured to match the criticality of operations are driving efficiencies and giving visibility and insight to data centre operations.

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