Threats are evolving. A new approach to cyber security is required.

Date: 11th May 2017

Venue: South Place Hotel, 3 South Place, London EC2M 2AF

“By 2020, 60% of enterprise information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches,” according to Gartner Research.

It’s a simple concept: The earlier you detect and mitigate a threat, the less the ultimate cost to your business. By implementing an effective end-to-end threat management process that focuses on reducing detection and response times, you will have the ability to prevent high-impact security incidents, such as major data breaches. This process is known as Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) and can help you improve the efficiency of your security operations.

TLM is a series of aligned security operations capabilities and processes. It begins with the ability to see broadly and deeply across your IT environment and ends with the ability to quickly mitigate and recover from a security incident. You can enable effective TLM at a scale appropriate to your business through modern technology specifically in the areas of:

• Advanced machine analytics, which are key to discovering potential threats quickly.
• Security automation and orchestration capabilities, which increase analyst efficiency to support the entire threat investigation, through to full remediation and recovery.

Key take aways:

• Determine if your spending is focused on the right areas.
• Understand how to prevent high-impact cyber incidents.
• Discover how can you lower your TCO and maximise the ROI of your security technology.

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