The Capsule-based Solid Oral Dosage Form – Adding Value throughout the Drug Product Life Cycle

Date: 7th Sep 2017

Venue: TBC, Basel, Switzerland

Pharmaceutical companies and contract development and manufacturing organizations oftentimes select a product’s final oral dosage form according to the equipment and qualified personnel available within their production sites, especially those with a history of positive performance, in order to mitigate possible risks that could be associated with switching to an alternative. However, in order to adequately decide on the best oral dosage form, other very important
variables influence the value, acceptance, and overall success of a pharmaceutical drug product. When considering hard capsules versus the more common coated or uncoated tablet, aspects to be considered include versatility, R&D timelines, the number of excipients used, the complexity of the manufacturing process including the consequent analytical and validation efforts), as well as patient perception and preference.

At this dinner event, these key considerations of hard capsule characteristics and activities from product development through to commercial manufacture will be highlighted and discussed, in order to enhance the decision-making process regarding solid oral drug delivery.

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