Taking the first big step towards AI

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Venue: 1 Tower Bridge, London SE1 2AA

Digital business is making radically new demands on IT resources as AI, Machine Learning, Hyper-scaling and Cloud enter mainstream application. In stark contrast, much of today’s IT estate is complex, fragmented, and too rigid to respond to these emerging requirements.

Now is the time to transform and simplify the underlying IT platforms to align with the new digital business environment. This means dramatic simplification of hardware and software as well as the widespread application of machine intelligence to enable virtual working across a variety of platforms.

To provide the power, speed and flexibility within a private cloud environment, IBM and Nutanix deliver a simple-to-deploy cognitive cloud solution. The resulting ‘hyper-converged’ system will enable the IT organisation to align its resources seamlessly with its business partners in readiness for digital transformation.

To share the challenges of undertaking the first big step to AI, and to examine simple remedies, the partners invite you to a discussion dinner.

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