Global Insights From The World Leader in Serving Science

Date: 4th Apr 2018

Venue: Park Hyatt Aviara, 7100 Aviara Resort Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92011

The biotech and pharma industry landscape is evolving at an incredible pace. The increasing push for patient-centric medicine, the rapid growth of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive modeling, as well as ever-changing governmental regulations around taxation and approvals, all require today's pharma organizations to be more agile, acquire new technologies and identify new business models to compete.

Staying current of which changes might impact your organization's success can be challenging. With more than 70,000 employees and 400,000 scientific customers spanning the globe, Thermo Fisher scientific, the World Leader in Serving Science, has a unique view of what your company can do to succeed across all facets of the life sciences.

Join Thermo Fisher President and Chief Executive Officer, Marc Casper, and his executive leadership team, as they discuss the greatest changes in technology, science and government shaping the future of drug development and health care delivery, and what it means for the ever-growing small and emerging pharma and biotech segment.

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