Optimizing Value & Access in Evolving Markets

Date: 6th Jun 2018

Venue: Hyatt Regency Princeton, 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540

Current market forces have prompted companies to consider new angles, and take new approaches, as they pursue drug development and commercialization activities. These market forces include

- Payers' continuing reliance on cost controls, utilization management and cost shifting;
- Heightened focus on real world data and evidence among regulators, payers, providers and other stakeholders;
- Regulators\' interest in patient-centered drug development, treatment benefit from the patient perspective and patient experience; and
- A focus on value.

Companies must accurately understand product-specific market dynamics, stakeholder perspectives, and emerging innovations, and pursue the right research and planning activities -- to ensure that, once their product is launched, the right patients have access to the medicines they need.

Join our experts as we discuss recent developments in policy, methods to identify product value, developments in patient-centered research, and evidence generation strategies. We will highlight challenges and opportunities, and provide insight to help companies to maximize the impact of their products

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