Start, Scale and Succeed with RPA

Date: 23rd Aug 2018

Venue: Kameha Suite Frankfurt, Taunusanlage 20, Frankfurt

Without question automation and RPA bring a huge benefits to companies. We have seen a lot of organizations embracing the technology very fast - especially in a market like Germany which is receptive to Automation due to its long history with industrial automation in manufacturing.

Recent ISG research among 250 companies shows that 38% of the German RPA users are however in very early stages. How to start, how to scale and how to succeed with automation is what we would like to discuss in an open dialogue focusing on the user exchange. Topics covered will include:

-How to embrace cognitive automation technologies in addition and in combination with traditional RPA
-How to discover where to apply automation for largest potential and business benefits
-Best practice implementation methodologies and how to make the biggest impact and to set the right platform to scale
-How to roll-out automation in the right depth/breadth
-Best practice - learn from the experience of others who have already started/scaled/succeeded

Click here for ''RPA in Europe'' research by ISG & AA

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