Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and IQ Bots - Run your business faster and cheaper with less errors

Date: 20th Feb 2019

Venue: Pulitzer Amsterdam Prinsengracht 323, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is RPA and IQ Bots
RPA performs low value, repetitive, rules-based processes many times faster and cheaper than humans, without making mistakes. This frees your human workforce to work on higher value-added activities. RPA is software that can operate any applications that humans do, via the human user interface, so no software change work is required. A process can be automated with RPA by 1 person in 4-8 weeks, driving value far faster and cheaper than via traditional software re-engineering methods.

IQ Bots automates the reading and processing of documents that organisations deal with in high volumes, such as invoices or contracts. It does this in a highly intuitive way.

Who is using RPA and IQ bots
RPA and IQ Bots are being used by leading organisations worldwide to improve their businesses, ask your peers and it is likely that they have achieved transformational results with these technologies.

Would you like to find out more
Automation Anywhere (the leading provider of RPA software and IQ Bots) and ISG (the leading implementer of the software) would like to invite you to our RPA and IQ Bots event. The event will explore how to achieve business transformation by covering the following topics:
1. What is RPA - with a demonstration of RPA operating a range of commonly used applications
2. What is IQ Bots - with a demonstration of IQ Bots reading invoices
3. How to get started with these technologies in your organisation
4. How to scale and achieve organisation wide success
5. What processes can be transformed
6. Insights and experience from AA and ISG from 7 years of implementation

AA and ISG look forward to welcoming you.

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