Thor 115 - Tenaris High Oxidation Resistance steel - as an opportunity both for existing and new assets

Date: 13th Nov 2019

Venue: TBC

Competitiveness in the power generation market is nowadays requiring both an increase in plant efficiency and flexibility. Boosting the efficiency of combined cycle plants requires heat recovery steam generators to operate at elevated steam temperatures, while an increased flexibility requires components to be able to withstand and to cope with frequent load changes alongside higher ramp rates (fatigue). This poses new challenges for materials used in construction, which need to be able to maintain stable properties over long periods and under changing conditions.

It\'s proved that traditional steel grades are subject to a quicker oxidation, causing blocks or continuous maintenance interventions in power plants circuits.
Tenaris has developed a new CSEF steel for power generation applications, called Thor 115, Tenaris High Oxidation Resistance, which combines good steam oxidation resistance with long-term microstructural stability and creep strength, and thus it is suitable for applications over 600 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to these characteristics Thor 115 can assure a longer component life, also in existing assets, avoiding efficiency loss and continuous maintenance.

What to expect during our event:
- an insight into tube & pipe industry for power generation
- a complete overview of potential benefits for plant owners using Thor 115

We look forward to welcoming you at our event.

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