Are we human, or are we robots?

Using RPA to create a Digitally Enabled Workplace

Date: 28th Nov 2019

Venue: Covent Garden Hotel, 10 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9HB

Until recently digital transformation has been a top-down phenomenon - with automation technologies deployed centrally and permeating downwards to departmental and employee level.

But RPA (Robotic Process Automation) changes the game. It's ease of use means digital transformation can now start at the employee level. And it's this bottom-up deployment model that creates a Digitally Enabled Workplace.

Employees can leverage automation technology themselves, divesting repetitious rules-based elements of their work, by creating digital co-workers in the form of software bots. They can make their work more human and concentrate on tasks requiring attributes and skills like judgement, collaboration and decision-making.

The benefits can be significant - huge gains in employee productivity, satisfaction and efficiency, and reductions in human error and employee churn. And who better to automate tasks than those who know them best? But - user autonomy comes with some drawbacks, which makes some companies understandably reluctant to embrace this deployment model.

So please join us for an exclusive event hosted by leading RPA vendor Automation Anywhere and specialist automation consultancy Extra Technology, where you'll about the key requirements to make an RPA deployment successful. These include:

-End-user autonomy without loss of control
-Control without slow, inaccurate automation delivery
-Increased employee productivity, development and satisfaction
-No incremental operational risk
-Reduced cost of process automation
-Transparency and freedom to update apps as needed

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