End-to-End Strategies to Fight Online Fraud

Sponsored by: Jumio

Focused on:

  • Online Fraud
  • End To End Strategies

Date: 11 May


Time: 2PM BST/ 3pm CEST

How to prevent fraud and financial crime throughout the entire Customer journey.

As cybercriminals become more and more savvy, mitigating fraud risk is essential to meet compliance and protect your bottom line.

Verifying your customer’s real-world identity against their digital one is critical to keeping fraudsters out, and financial institutions have the responsibility to prevent fraud and financial crimes throughout the entire customer journey.

Unfortunately, financial institutions often need over a dozen solutions to verify the user’s identity, check their ID and supporting documentation, authenticate them on subsequent visits, perform ongoing screening to make sure they’re not on watchlists, monitor their transactions, manage investigations and report suspicious activity. This approach is complex, inefficient, expensive — and often simply doesn’t work.

In this webinar, we will discuss how AI, machine learning and big data can help your organisation detect and deter online fraud and the creation of fake accounts.

Presented by

Mark Reeves,

Vice President Revenue Operations EMEA at Jumio Corporation

Mark has 30 years experience building strategies to help organisations leverage the latest technologies to grow their business, increase customer revenue, expand Global presence and improve the customer journey.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Strategies to intimidate and deter fraudsters
  • Balancing strong fraud detection and a positive user experience
  • How to ensure KYC and AML compliance during the entire customer journey


  • Online Fraud Managers
  • Senior Online Fraud analysts
  • Online Banking Security Professionals
  • Digital Banking Product Owners