Integrated finance

Sponsored by: Sofico

Focused on:

  • Integrated Finance

Date: 27 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

All your business lines on 1 system

In today’s dynamic market, automotive finance and service providers are expected to deliver more than efficiency in back-office transactional processing and historical reporting. Integrated finance creates efficiencies, reduces errors and enables analytics-driven insights for better decision-making and enhanced risk management and governance.

With all automotive finance business lines (retail, fleet, wholesale, car sharing) managed on the same platform, commonalities can be leveraged and innovative new products and services can be launched. This way the automotive finance and service provider becomes a true business partner that boosts the competitiveness of its stakeholders in a rapidly changing market.

In this webinar Sofico, a global automotive fleet and mobility management technology leader, will demonstrate the strategic, tactical and operational benefits of integrated finance. Managing all your automotive finance business lines on 1 single platform, guarantees you flexibility and increases your efficiency.

Presented by

Wim Bauwens,

Marketing & Communication

Since 2002 Wim has worked in or for the automotive financial services industries, in Germany, the UK and Belgium. In this webinar, he will share Sofico’s view on how automotive financial service providers can ready themselves to face the challenges of a changing industry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the operational benefits of integrated finance
  • Discover the strategic benefits of integrated finance


  • CIO
  • Operations Manager
  • CEO
  • Director
  • Managing Director
  • Director Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architect Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Digitalisation Manager
  • Global Digitalisation Manager
  • Global Head of Digital
  • Head of Digital
  • Group Head of Retail Credit
  • Head of Retail Credit
  • Retail Credit Manager
  • Director of Retail Credit
  • Head of Retail Finance
  • Director of Retail Finance
  • Retail Finance Manager
  • Head of B2B tools & IT
  • IT Manager
  • Head of IT
  • IT Development Manager
  • Head of IT Development
  • Head of Car Finance
  • Head of Data Architecture
  • Data Architecture Manager
  • Head of Finance & Credit
  • Finance & Credit Manager
  • Innovation Lead
  • Innovation Manager
  • Insight & Innovation Manager
  • IT Architect Director
  • IT Delivery Director
  • IT department head
  • Wholesale Administrator
  • Wholesale Operations Manager