Managing Content Risk in the Financial Services Industry

Sponsored by: SDL

Focused on:

  • Data
  • Security

Date: 22 April

Days to go: 12

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Bringing control to content creation, translation and delivery for security, trust and compliance

Financial services providers are constantly challenged by the issues of security, regulation and risk mitigation. Threats to the enterprise come from both inside and outside, with failures punished by reputational damage, regulatory fines and loss of customer trust. Research shows that the financial services industry experiences 35% of all data breaches¹ and that senior managers rank data leakage and content security as their most pressing concerns.

This webinar will focus on positive responses to these challenges by illustrating how organizations that bring control to their content supply chain are limiting their risk exposure, improving the quality of their content and enhancing their standing with customers.

You will hear from industry experts with first-hand experience of mitigating risk in the content process, with examples from heavily regulated sectors like asset management, banking and insurance. They will address how a framework for controlling movement of data, content and personally identifiable information can be used across the organisation to achieve compliance, enrich reporting and auditability and optimise the customer experience for improved satisfaction and loyalty.

People with roles in risk management, operations, compliance, IT and marketing should join this webinar to discover the benefits to reducing time-to-market, increasing value and minimising risk with a defined model for managing content creation, translation and delivery.

¹ Forbes Insights

Presented by

Ravi Singh,

Independent Industry Consultant

Cordelia Hughes,

Director - Financial Services, SDL

Kirti Vashee,

Language Technology Evangelist, SDL

Nicolas Bosovsky,

VP Global Operations, SDL

Key Learning Objectives

  • Strategies to securely manage content creation and knowledge management across the enterprise
  • Bring security, auditability and governance to your information with solutions proven in financial services
  • Develop processes that help the organisation manage exposure to risk and mitigate rapidly as new threats arise
  • Build a single version of the truth across all your content, internal and external, with streamlined propagation of changes


  • Heads of Risk Management - Security and Compliance
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Marketing and Product Management
  • Heads of Legal and General Counsel
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager