Profiting From Mobile Payments: How Do Banks Make Money From Mobile Wallets?

Sponsored by: Auka

Focused on:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Banking
  • Online Banking

Date: 14 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Why mobile payments are necessary to meet bank customer changing demands, grow the bank customer-base and increase their revenue

In this mobile payments for banks webinar you will be provided with a snapshot of the market as it stands. This will include facts and figures about current mobile payment methods, mobile payments adoption, banker perception, smartphone penetration and the regulatory environment.

Three payments experts will analyse the bank-owned mobile payments solutions that are already succeeding and how these solutions hold up against the third-party wallets that are challenging the banks position within payments.

This webinar will primarily cover:

• How banks can make money by creating a mobile payments focused channel

• A case study about how the most successful ones have managed to become profitable just two years after their launch will be explored

Done right, a bank owned wallet can reach mass market adoption (like in Scandinavia). When these adoption levels are reached, mobile payments solution owners can withstand increased competition and use the channel as an on-going source of new revenue.

However, mobile payments implementation needs to be done right.

The panellists will let you in on the methodology employed by their companies in order to reach the market adoption and profitability they're experiencing.

In short, this webinar will explain:

* Why banks have the perfect existing set-up to win the mobile payments battle
* Why mobile payments is not just innovation but is an important revenue channel
* Five clear examples of mobile payments-driven revenue sources for banks

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Presented by

Daniel Döderlein,

CEO, Auka

Daniel is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with background from several IT and Telecom startups. He founded one of Norway's first domain and web hosting companies at the age of 17. A regular on the speaking circuit, Daniel has recently been invited to speak about upcoming banking disruption and mobile payments at Google Next in Europe, Paris fintech forum, Viva Tech and London Fintech Week.

With close to 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of IT, media, marketing and mobile, Daniel has a vast business network and plenty of hard earned experience in building products, business and companies.

After three years of studying both the proprietary Norwegian and later the international payment networks, Daniel designed a brand new payment infrastructure and built a mobile payment platform on top of it. The result was mCASH, later known as the industry-leading, cloud-based, white-label mobile payments platform Auka.

Daniel is regularly speaking at large banking and tech conferences such as Google Next in Europe, Paris fintech forum, Viva Tech and London Fintech Week.

Knut Anders Wangen,

Chief Digital Officer, Danske Bank Norway

Knut Anders Wangen has extensive experience within the mobile payments space in Scandinavia. He has been with the second largest bank in the Nordics, Danske Bank, for 13 years, where he has worked within both business and consumer banking. Previously Head of MobilePay, from January 2018 he took on the role as Chief Digital Officer at Danske Bank Norway.

Brett King,

CEO & Founder, Moven

Brett King is a world-renowned futurist and speaker, and an International Bestselling Author. President Xi Jinping cited his book Augmented as an influence on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

King hosts the world's first and #1 ranked radio show on FinTech called "Breaking Banks" (140 countries, 6.5 million listeners). He is the CEO and Founder of Moven, a successful mobile start-up, which has raised over US$44 million to date.

Named "King of the Disruptors" by Banking Exchange magazine, King was voted American Banker's Innovator of the Year, voted the world's #1 Financial Services Influencer by The Financial Brand and was nominated by Bank Innovation as one of the top 10 "coolest brands in banking".

Company Profile

Auka was first to develop mobile payment technology in the Nordics, first to launch mobile payments in Norway and the world's first regulated financial services company to run 100% on public cloud. Auka is a Google Technology Partner and Daniel is on the Google Cloud Customer Advisory Board.

At the end of 2016, Auka was awarded fastest growing fintech in the EMEA region by Deloitte. In 2017, Auka was recognised by CFI magazine as European mobile payments platform of the year.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The proven recipe for mobile wallet success
  • Why Banks are best equipped to win the “battle of the consumer eyeballs”
  • How Mobile payments if done right can be the main revenue channel for banks
  • Succeeding with mobile payments is not that hard or expensive


  • Retail banking specialists working within the fields of:
  • Innovation
  • Digital banking
  • Payments
  • Digital transformation
  • Mobile
  • Strategy
  • Alternative channels