Robo-Advisory 2.0 : Personalising Digital Advice

Sponsored by: Objectway

Focused on:

  • Digital
  • Robo Advisory
  • Digitisation
  • Digitalisation

Date: 9 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How a future-proof digital advisory solution can provide superb human governance

Digitisation and digitalisation are changing the private client investment management industry like never before. Not only in the way existing processes are becoming more digital, but also by enabling new business models and business offerings which were not possible or economically viable a few years ago. New market segments are opening up for which "digital" can provide the scaling that such volume segments really require.

However, as investments are typically mid/long term engagement for private individuals, a pure "robo-only" proposition is not capable of meeting more complex needs and therefore will be attractive to only a limited part of the population. Digitisation and digitalisation can meet the human needs but also needs the 'human factor' to reach that goal.

A future-proof digital advisory solution should provide superb "human governance", blended with "robo-planning" capabilities to effectively mass customise personalised investment advice.

This webinar will expand on the do's & don'ts with regard to robo-advisory, based on real life cases across multiple territories.

We are looking forward to e-meeting you at this webinar!

Presented by

Peter Schramme,

Chief Business Development Officer, Objectway

Peter Schramme is Chief Business Development Officer within Objectway, responsible for its international growth. Peter has served in a number of positions in large multinational companies as well as in start-up businesses.

He joined Business Architects, a Belgian start-up company, in 2000, where he founded a new wealth management business unit. The unit spun off into a separate company (eXimius NV), and Peter became its CEO.

eXimius was sold to Thomson Reuters in 2007 and acquired by Objectway Group in 2013. Peter holds engineering degrees from Leuven University and Antwerp University as well as an Executive MBA degree from Antwerp University in which he resides in Belgium.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The impact of Digitisation and digitalisation on the investment management business
  • Hybrid approach is the digital lifestyle approach to connect with clients
  • Strengthen client-advisor Collaboration
  • Digital Experience and Automation are friends


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