Why Payments is the Perfect Application for SD-WAN

Sponsored by: TNS

Focused on:

  • Sd Wan

Date: 7 June


Time: 8AM London

SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area networking) streamlines network management operations by separating the way a network is controlled from its hardware, alleviating network congestion and freeing up capacity. It is revolutionizing data connectivity and driving digital transformation. By adding it to existing network infrastructure, retailers can engineer the hybrid digital-physical landscape for optimal customer environments and ideal returns on investment.

TNS will discuss how its Secure SD-WAN solution helps retailers, quick service restaurants, fuel and convenience store owners can join the digital revolution and transform their business brick by byte. These may comprise cloud-based web applications, eCommerce, curbside pickup, chatbots, contactless payments and other tech-centric solutions for increasingly tech-focused customers.

The added complexity of even seemingly simple digital options, like mobile payments, can bottleneck throughput and increase latency. SD-WAN mitigates these gaps in communication by prioritizing business-critical applications, meaning both payments terminals and new customer experience initiatives can operate at the same time at peak performance. SD-WAN gives retailers a way to securely connect all types of payment options — POS terminals, cash registers, eCommerce gateways, in-store/in-restaurant mobile devices, automated fuel dispensers (AFD) – as well as any other devices and networks within the retail environment.

The chaos of 2020 has proven how important it is for retailers to maintain connections with current customers while finding ways to grow their business. New challenges are an opportunity to become better and SD-WAN will help businesses enable modern strategies, high-performance cloud systems, and advanced payments data security.

Presented by

Mark Collins,

Managing Director, Payments Market, EMEA

Mark Collins is Managing Director of TNS’ Payments Market business in Europe, which includes offices in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Mark drives all sales and business activity in his region and is part of TNS’ leadership team which is responsible for setting TNS’ strategic direction and implementing its vision. Having joined TNS in February 1999, Mark is a long-standing and well-respected veteran of the company and has held a number of different positions at TNS with both domestic and global focus. Most recently he was General Manager of TNS’ Payments business in the UK and Ireland before being promoted to his current role in December 2016. Mark joined TNS from Bank of Ireland where he had spent 19 years in a variety of service, operations, IT and customer management roles, rising to Senior Manager of Electronic Banking Support.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Make the audience aware of the benefits of SD-WAN
  • Show how TNS, with its history of payments technology, has a comprehensive SD-WAN solution for retailers and other business owners
  • Have the audience understand the feature set of TNS Secure SD-WAN and why payments is the perfect application for this new networking environment
  • That TNS is partnered with Fortinet, a leading provider of SD-WAN hardware


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  • Chief Information Officer
  • Vice President Information Technology
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Branch Operations Manager
  • Branch Owner
  • Director of Branch Operations
  • Network Manager
  • Franchisee
  • Franchise Owner
  • Heads of Merchant Services
  • Heads of Payment Solutions
  • Heads of Payment Networks
  • Heads of Card Payment Networks
  • Heads of Mobile Payment Systems
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Data Management and Processing Specialists
  • Chief Information Officers
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