Advances in Portable Battery Operated Phased Array Instrumentation

Sponsored by: Olympus

Focused on:

  • N D T
  • Testing

Date: 14 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Olympus OmniScan SX and MX2 Non Destructive Testing Applications

Phased array is the technology of choice in many inspection applications. As phased array flaw detectors have continued to advance, they have become easier to use and have powerful features designed for various inspection applications in industries such as aerospace manufacturing, fabrication welding, composite testing, and in-service remaining life evaluation.

Olympus’ OmniScan® SX and MX2 flaw detectors are two of the most successful portable and modular phased array test instruments, with thousands of units in use around the world. This webinar provides an overview of off-the-shelf functionality for Olympus phased array flaw detectors and a discussion of how this functionality is applied in different inspection applications. The webinar includes a live demonstration of flaw data analysis and reporting.

Presented by

Chris Magruder,

Global Product Support Specialist

Chris Magruder is a Global Product Support Specialist for Olympus phased array products. He has over 15 years of experience in providing global support, training and application development for phased array customers of all levels and participates in new phased array product development.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Overview of basic phased array technology theory
  • Examples of phased array applications in different industries including demonstration of data analysis
  • Specific benefits of latest battery operated portable phased array technology
  • Benefits of phased array in lieu of radiography and conventional ultrasound inspections


  • Weld inspector
  • NDT inspector
  • Pipeline project manager
  • pipeline product manager
  • NDT specialist
  • NDT engineer
  • NDT technician
  • NDT manager
  • NDT/QC Inspector
  • NDE inspector
  • NDE specialist
  • NDE engineer
  • NDE technician
  • NDE manager
  • NDE/QC Inspector
  • QA/QC Manager
  • Corrosion Specialist
  • Corrosion Engineers