African E&P - New Terms and New Opportunities?

Sponsored by: Global Data

Focused on:

  • Licensing
  • Upstream Operations

Date: 25 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

GlobalData Expert Insights

African governments have recently been introducing new legislation to help them attract and better compete for international investment.

As part of this webinar, we will explore the relative competitiveness of these recent fiscal changes in vying for exploration budgets and will consider other potential above-ground risks that could affect current licensing opportunities. Looking forward, we will also discuss countries which are planning to modify or introduce new legislation that will impact future upstream operations and potential upcoming licensing opportunities.

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Presented by

Stephanie Gewargis,

Head of Partnerships

Stephanie is working closely with some of the leading Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy companies in the world. Helping OEM’s, Financial Institutions and Service Providers to identify, evaluate, secure and manage projects and investments worldwide.

Toya Latham,

Fiscal Analyst – Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Regimes

Toya Latham is a senior upstream fiscal analyst within the oil and gas sector of GlobalData. As part of the team, she provides global coverage and analysis of fiscal and legislative changes affecting upstream petroleum operations. Prior to joining the company she was a senior upstream commercial analyst and has also held positions as an exploration geoscientist focussing on assets in Africa and Eastern Europe. She holds an MSc degree in Petroleum Geoscience from Royal Holloway and an MSci degree in Geology from Durham University.

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