Detecting Smaller Disbonds and Identifying Repaired Areas in Composite Honeycomb Structures Using the BondMaster 600

Sponsored by: Olympus

Focused on:

  • Bond Testing
  • Bondmaster 600
  • Honeycomb Composite
  • Disbond
  • Composite Repair

Date: 18 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Setting up the BondMaster 600M to detect disbonds in Honeycomb Composites

This webinar shows how to setup the BondMaster 600M Composite Bond Tester to detect disbonds in Honeycomb Composites using the Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) mode.

We’ll demonstrate how to optimize settings in order to obtain best detection of smaller disbonds, as well as identifying repaired areas separately from defects.

In this webinar you will also learn more about mechanical impedance analysis probes, frequency calibration, signal calibration and optimization of settings in order to obtain clear interpretation of signals.


Presented by

Tommy Bourgelas,

Product Manager, Eddy Current and Bond Testing product line

For 16 years Tommy Bourgelas has worked for Olympus NDT, an NDT equipment manufacturer, formerly known as R/D Tech.

Prior to his current position as Product Manager for the entire Eddy Current Testing and Bond Testing products, he has been working to develop (ECT and BT) applications, improve existing products, define and contribute to develop new products, and has performed numerous trainings on the said technology and products.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to detect disbonds and identify repaired areas in composite honeycomb structures using the BondMaster 600
  • How to inspect composite honeycomb with Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) mode
  • How to optimize BondMaster 600 settings in order to facilitate the signals interpretation


  • Head / Manager of Testing
  • Head / Manager Mechanics
  • Operations Manager