Driving Exploration in Malaysia with Air-FTG®

Sponsored by: Bell Geospace

Focused on:

  • Driving Exploration
  • Air Ftg
  • Gravity Upgrade

Date: 7 November


Time: 8AM London/4PM Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian MultiClient FTG data: defining Basement, Sub-Carbonate plays, closed structures and fault frameworks

The current low oil price demands innovative solutions for companies, contractors and governments to maintain exploration strategies and exploit the value proposition on their acreage to the industry at large. The nett effect has been reduced spend or slow-down in meeting commitments to advance projects. The impact is immense. Innovative solutions transform such practices from cost-saving to derisking projects. One such technology currently in demand is the airborne gravity gradiometry technology, Air-FTG®.

Air-FTG® measures the rate of change in the 3D gravity field as sourced by geology, from basement to basin to near surface. Combined with legacy gravity data, FTG exacts the often desired but poorly executed uplift in gravity resolution. FTG is a broadband or Full Spectrum technology that resolves basement, overlying intra basin and key structural complexities. It’s core strength is its direct sensitivity to density contrasts; not velocity or other parameters that often preclude effective exploration with other technologies. FTG directly images prospective targets and geological settings yielding pertinent depth-density information for rapid decision-making exercises.

As a proven technology in SE Asia and abound, active for 20 years, Air-FTG® leads to a rapid decision-making process in a challenging fiscal environment. The technology is used by leading explorers around the world and is validated by PETRONAS, Conoco Philips, Anadarko Petroleum amongst others. Air-FTG® facilitates a gravity upgrade that opens new basins and acreage for detailed prospecting with cost efficiency. Its value proposition is confident and efficient exploration leading to informed decisions for optimal gain.

This Webinar will describe the technology, its resolution uplift and show case histories from the Multi-Client FTG programme for offshore Malaysia. Examples include Pre-Cycle Basement imagery, Carbonate prospectivity, delineation of closed structures from Sarawak, Sabah, and Malay-Penyu Basins.

Presented by

Dr. Colm A. Murphy,

Chief Geoscientist

Colm Murphy holds a BSc in Geology from University College Cork and a PhD in Geophysics from NUI Galway, Ireland.

He has 20 years industry experience and previously worked with the Geological Survey of Canada and World Geoscience Corporation. Colm has extensive knowledge and expertise working with FTG data advancing exploration projects across the world, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, East Africa, USA, and western Europe.

Projects range from prospecting plays in Rift and Salt Basins to Thrust & Fold Belts and more recently with unconventional plays in the US. Colm is an active member of the EAGE and the Geophysical Association of Ireland.

Key Learning Objectives

  • FTG gravity upgrade – Tensor gradiometry, resolution and impact for gravity technology
  • FTG identifies and delineates intra-basin structural complexity
  • FTG sensitive to basin geology
  • FTG ideal technology for low oil price exploration
  • Malaysian MultiClient FTG Data: Modern Gravity Exploration Applications


  • Exploration Managers
  • Chief Geologists
  • Chief Geophysicists
  • Asset team managers