Game-changing AI for radically better business decisions

Sponsored by: White Space Energy

Focused on:

  • Ai
  • Energy

Date: 24 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

From superhuman performance in games to augmented decision making in the real world

Most business decisions are very complex: huge option spaces, high stakes, many uncertainties and constraints and often competing drivers and opinions. Still too often decision makers need to rely on time consuming, iterative and manual workflows that introduce various types of bias, or simply run out of time to complete the analysis. This leaves material value on the table.

The latest AI mimics human ability to learn from experience and has become famous for achieving superhuman performance in sophisticated games such as Chess, Go, Starcraft and Poker. White Space Energy uses this same approach to help organizations in making radically faster and better complex decisions.

Custom-built solutions, developed at blistering high pace, already deliver value to some of the largest integrated energy companies in the world. Applications span the entire value chains from front end project planning, portfolio optimization to maintenance & logistics. Always decision first, technology second.

White Space Energy’s solutions have unveiled up to 40% efficiency improvements in the use of high cost maintenance and logistics resources such as vessels and helicopters, and have led to unprecedented insight into multi-billion dollar field development and portfolio decisions at least 10 times faster than existing work practices. Every business decision is critical in today’s world. Challenge the status quo. White Space Energy’s unique approach demonstrates that augmented decision making can add significant business value, while humans remain in control.

Presented by

Norbert Dolle,

Managing Partner

Norbert graduated with an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Delft University, Netherlands. He started his career as a Reservoir Engineer with Shell in 2002. Norbert has worked in the Netherlands, Scotland, Gabon and Brunei.

For 17 years, Norbert held roles in Shell that ranged from reserves verification and assurance through to leadership roles in field development, production optimisation, asset management and project delivery. A common thread in all his roles was his relentless drive for efficiency and continuous improvement.

In 2018, his team effort to demonstrate the disruptive potential of digitalization in BSP was recognised through winning the Shell Global Development Award.

In February 2019, he left Shell and co-founded White Space Energy, aimed at delivering state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to redefine complex decision-making in the energy industry. In May, WSE was voted the most promising 2019 oil and gas startup by participants of the IIoT & Digital Solutions conference in Amsterdam.

Within the 1st year of establishment, WSE has delivered game-changing AI solutions to Shell, Equinor and Chevron.

Norbert is a triathlete, a history enthusiast and a fan of mindfulness. He is married and has two young daughters with boundless energy.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How AI can augment human intelligence to make better decisions
  • Example use cases of augmented decision intelligence in the energy industry
  • Custom-built AI solution development in less than 2 mon
  • Business benefit: cost reduction, deeper insight, higher efficiency


  • Vice President
  • Asset Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Planning Manager
  • Digitalization Manager