Getting Compressor Cylinder Lubrication Just Right

Sponsored by: Hoerbiger

Focused on:

  • Cylinder Lubrication
  • Compressor Reliability
  • Lubrication Systems

Date: 1 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Next generation lubrication systems increase compressor reliability and decrease maintenance costs

Experience from over 1200 compressor performance audits performed by HOERBIGER tells us that approximately 30% of all lubricated compressors have problems with their lubrication systems. This in turn has potentially dramatic impacts on valves, rings and packings, and even capital parts.

Lubrication problems often cause losses in compressor efficiency and increase maintenance costs. These undesirable effects put your compressors’ availability and reliability at risk. In the long run, they may harm your processes and reduce your production output.

Existing lubrication systems not only tend to be unreliable; they also restrict your ability to monitor and control lubrication rates, for instance when throughputs change. The result is insufficient flexibility, reliability, smartness, and systems integration.

New technology exists that addresses the weak spots of traditional lubrication systems. HOERBIGER has combined well-known technology with state-of-the-art development to provide an innovative solution to these issues.

This presentation will update you on HOERBIGER’s latest development in reciprocating compressor lubrication. This innovation will help you increase your compressor’s availability and reliability, thus in the long run securing or increasing your production capacity.

Join our webinar to find out how to cross compressor lubrication off the list of things you need to worry about. Register today to let our product experts share their knowledge with you and answer your questions directly.

Presented by

Matthias Richtig,

Global Product Manager XperLUBE

Matthias studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and holds a Master’s degree.

He has been with HOERBIGER since 2006 in different engineering and Product Management positions for rings and packings. Since 2015, he is the global product manager for the new XperLUBE lubrication system.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What problems can be caused by lubrication issues
  • How can these lead to losses in availability and reliability
  • New developments in the field of compressor lubrication to overcome problems
  • Learn how you can decrease OPEX and compressor life cycle costs


  • Maintenance Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Rotating Equipment
  • Heads of Maintenance
  • Heads of Production
  • Heads of Process
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Rotating Equipment Specialists
  • Operators