How Rugeley Power Did It: Optimising Plant Performance with Intelligent Shift Operations Management

Sponsored by: ABB

Focused on:

  • Optimising Plant Performance
  • Plant Operations
  • Plant Inspection
  • Shift Operations
  • Operator Rounds

Date: 30 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A GDF SUEZ and ABB Partnership Case Study

Located in the West Midlands of England, Rugeley Power Station produces around 1,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity, meeting the needs of approximately half a million homes. Upon reviewing recent forced outage events, Rugeley discovered that some incidents resulting in lost availability had been caused by operational error or oversight resulting from a lack or misuse of operational data.

In the ensuing improvement initiative, Rugeley sought to implement an approach for capturing and maximising the use of operational data in order to raise productivity and efficiency in core operational functions. To meet these objectives, Rugeley evaluated leading solution providers in mobile data capture, storage and reporting technologies, ultimately choosing ABB.

The solution of choice, developed and perfected by ABB over a period of 20+ years, enabled the implementation of a consistent and integrated plant inspection process at Rugeley. With the new approach - which streamlines operator rounds, equipment configuration and facilities inspections, and prevents costly maintenance - the plant achieved its improvement objectives and continues to reap the benefits of increased operational performance and direct costs savings.

Join the experts from Rugeley Power and ABB to find out more about the planning, implementation, benefits and lessons learned from this ongoing success story.

Presented by

Mike Knowles,

Operations Manager, Rugeley Power Station

Mike Knowles is the Operations Manager of Rugeley Power Station, managing a department of 65 staff at the 1,000 MW coal-fired station located in the West Midlands of England. Previously, Mike worked in operations on shift, managing a team of operators, and on days, managing the operations and maintenance of the materials handling plant. Mike has experience in operations and maintenance at various power stations and control rooms, having also worked at the UK National Grid Control Centre.

Scott Ewine,

Product Manager - Operations Management, ABB

Scott Ewine has over 25 years of experience in the utilities industry, including working in the engineering and operations departments of a nuclear power plant. For the past 20+ years, Scott has worked at ABB in the development of operations management software for asset-intensive industries.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Increased operational efficiency, productivity and safety
  • Increased accountability, consistency and compliance in work processes
  • Reduced errors, time and costs of operations activities
  • Improved and easier data access and record keeping


  • Plant Manager
  • Shift Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Head of Shift (HoS)
  • Maintenance Manager