INNIO's Jenbacher J920 9.35MW gas engine for North America

Sponsored by: INNIO Waukesha Engines

Focused on:

  • Distributed Power
  • Renewable Power
  • Gas Engines

Date: 14 May


Time: 12PM New York

The future of profitable, flexible dispatched generation

Distributed power generation plays a vital role in providing reliable and long-term power solutions. For instance, developed regions have a growing need for decentralized power to stabilize grid pricing. Forecasts for most ISO region’s reserve margins predict a decrease below the safe minimum thresholds causing power constraints resulting in brown outs and black outs during peak season. In other North American markets, the cost of electricity is escalating to over $100/MW due to increasing transmission costs.


As renewable power continues to rise past 20% and utilities’ other power assets become uncompetitive to clear the market price, the need for flexible power generation grows to help manage catastrophic pricing volatility. Remote communities and facilities can receive distributed power prior to T&D network improvement implementation. Large utility size gas engines such as INNIO´s J920 provides a proven, scalable, and effective solution to the utility resiliency challenges. Other advantages include CHP benefits, black start, firm fuel option with LNG, and island mode operations instead of integrating redundant standby diesels which can be more difficult to gain an air permit.

In this webinar, INNIO experts will outline examples of maximizing flexibility with gas engines for municipalities, cooperatives, investor owned utilities, and IPPs while at the same time illustrating how customers are creating profit doing so.

The free webinar is a unique chance for individuals and companies in the USA and Canada looking to harness one of the most efficient, clean and flexible sources of electrical power available in the marketplace today. All professionals interested in the newest fuel saving, fast start technology to firm grids, increase uptime and reduce emissions are encouraged to attend.

Presented by

John Hoeft,

Sales Director, INNIO

John brings 25 years of sales and marketing leadership in distributed, peaking and standby power generation.

As Jenbacher’s North American Sales Director, he is responsible for defining and executing the commercialization and marketing strategies working closely with EPCs, munis, Coops, investor owned utilities (IOU), and developers.

Prior to joining INNIO (previously GE), he was the Director of Power Solutions Management for Generac Power Systems and the Principal/Owner of Marketing & Technology Insights, a business consulting firm. John started his career with Waukesha Engine driving change in product support, application engineering, sales and marketing.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in international business from the University of Wisconsin system.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Share the Jenbacher J920 9.35 MW gas engine technology story
  • Illustrate why power producers are turning from turbines to gas reciprocating engines: fast start, derates, turndown, cost of electricity
  • Define the best maintenance practices to improve availability
  • Outline money saving installation practices


  • Power Plant Directors
  • Manager of Generation Assets
  • Utility-based Project Manager
  • Superintendent of Electrical Generation
  • Independent Power Producer Owners
  • Director of Origination
  • Integrated Resource Planners