Improve water filtration efficiency with our backwashable Walnut Shell Water Polishing Filter

Sponsored by: Filtra-Systems

Focused on:

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Date: 4 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

This 4th generation technology has overcome the limitations of conventional sand filters and bag filters with its innovative backwash design and permanent media

When selecting a polishing filter to remove both suspended solids and oil and grease, it is important to select a filter that meets two key criteria. The first point to consider is contaminant removal efficiency. Just as critical is the second point, media regeneration (backwash).

Filtra-Systems STiR Walnut Shell media filter and its innovative backwash design has overcome the limitations of sand, multi-media filters and disposable media filters by utilizing an innovative backwash assembly. This design means the unit can backwash and recover the captured contaminant load cycle after cycle, without degrading cycle time and makes the media permanent (30 year life).

This webinar will highlight Filtra-Systems 4th generation Walnut Shell filter technology and will describe the benefits, technical advantages, product limits. Specific installations in mining, deep well injection, disposal, power and industrial waste water will also be discussed.

If sand filters are your plant bottleneck and you are tired of changing and throwing away bags, socks cartridges or DE, then please attend this webinar and learn about this proven technology. (Hundreds of installations).

Presented by

Joe Haligowski,

Product Director for Water Filtration

Joe Haligowski is theProduct Director for Water Filtration at Filtra-Systems Industrial Water Division. (Farmington Hills, MI, USA). Has worked to expand Filtra Systems water filtration, and chemical/mineral dewatering product lines. Joe started his career developing oil/water filtration solutions in SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Applications, for the oil and gas industry, and presently is working to develop water filtration solutions, across all markets.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how this technology has provided significant payback when replacing bag filters and sand filters
  • Discover how the media regeneration cycle (backwash) is most efficient and makes the media permanent
  • Discover how this technology can make your water filtration (polishing) more efficient
  • Review successful installations and how clients have solved their filtration problems


  • Operations Manager
  • Process Engineers
  • Water Treatment Plant Operations
  • Industrial Designer
  • Plant Manager
  • Environmental Manager
  • Injection Well Operator
  • Maintenance Supervisors/Managers