Improvement Beyond Trouble Shooting - 3PM London

Sponsored by: Hoerbiger

Focused on:

  • Compressors
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

Date: 10 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to master the task of adapting to ever-changing conditions for reciprocating compressors

This webinar will be presented live twice at:
- 9AM London/10AM Paris
- 3PM London/4PM Paris
Please register for the most suitable time.

Does your management require increased reliability from your reciprocating compressor… possibly with less and less budget? Do you want to produce more from your existing machinery? Have the regulations on the environmental impact of your production changed? Or do you have a compressor problem whose root cause is unclear?

We live in a volatile world. External conditions change rapidly. Fluctuating oil prices, environmental regulations, fierce competition in a global environment and many other factors have a direct impact on your operations. Yet traditional approaches to keeping equipment operational lack the power of adapting sustainably to these changes.

If you face challenges, whether major or minor, the solutions can only be found on your site with your involvement. A new engineering approach based on a holistic assessment of the equipment within the process, evaluates the factors of reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness to find the best solution to your challenge.

Register now and enjoy this opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments in compressor improvement. At the end you will have the opportunity to ask your questions.

Presented by

Magnus Terner,

Global Service Marketing

After graduating university with a Master's degree in Engineering, Magnus Terner started his career with HOERBIGER in Product Management for Monitoring and Control Systems. During his many field visits he has collected a deep understanding of compressor operations in many different applications worldwide. Magnus' role was to accompany projects from the start, through engineering until a successful installation and reliable operation. In 2015, Magnus has joined the Marketing department responsible for Global Service Marketing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Tools to escape the viscious circle of emergency repairs.
  • Where to look for increased reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness.
  • How to adapt sustainably to a volatile market.
  • Learn to take advantage of hidden potential of your reciprocating compressor.


  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • R&D Management
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Operators
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Rotating Equipment Specialist