Inertia, stability and the decarbonised grid

Sponsored by: Modern Power Systems Magazine & ABB

Focused on:

  • Transmission Systems
  • Inertia
  • Tso
  • Power Stations

Date: 19 January


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Transmission system operators worldwide are facing increased challenges from the rise of renewables and inverter-based generation on the grid. This is exacerbated by the closure of ‘conventional’ power stations, which traditionally have contributed to system inertia thanks to the large spinning masses of grid connected synchronous machines, eg turbine-generators.

This Modern Power Systems webinar will explore the nature and magnitude of the problem and discuss potential solutions.

It will include TSO (transmission system operator) perspectives from Julian Leslie, head of networks, National Grid ESO, and Dr Wilhelm Winter, ENTSO-E and lead electrical system design, TenneT, plus a presentation from Christian Payerl of ABB: ‘Synchronous condensers – supporting the roadmap to 100% renewables’.

Presented by

Julian Leslie,

Head of Networks, National Grid ESO, UK

Wilhelm Winter,

Lead Electrical System Design, TenneT, Germany, and ENTSO-E

Christian Payerl,

Area Sales Manager, Synchronous Condensers, ABB Large Motors and Generators

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is inertia, how is it measured, why is it important for transmission grid stability?
  • Why are inertia levels declining and what are the implications?
  • What options/technologies are available to address the issue?
  • What are the opportunities for technology providers?


  • Transmission system developers and operators
  • Power and grid systems developers
  • Grid ancillary service providers
  • Transmission system and power plant engineers and managers
  • Grid technology developers
  • Energy storage system developers and operators
  • Power plant technology developers and operators
  • Anyone interested in grid implications of the energy transition