Mining safety briefing on personnel tracking, communications and collision avoidance

Sponsored by: Carroll Technologies Group

Focused on:

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Mining
  • Safety

Date: 17 October


Time: 3PM EST

An independent update on the latest products and techniques being used to keep American mines safe

With 27 fatalities at work in the US mining industry in 2019 this remains an industrial sector where the decisions of mine owners and managers can have life or death consequences.

And the financial impact of mine shutdowns caused by accidents can quickly run into the millions of dollars.

This webinar led by Carroll Technologies Group aims to provide an in-depth briefing for mine safety professionals on the latest thinking when it comes to mine safety and in particular personnel tracking, communications and collision avoidance. This webinar aims to provide mining professionals with the information they need to maximise efficiency and minimise risks at their operations.

Carroll has been supplying and servicing the US mining industry for more than 40 years. It supplies all the leading equipment brands so is ideally placed to provide independent advice.

Presented by

Josh Johnson,

National Sales Manager (Metal Non Metal)

Tommy Bannister,

CEO / President Carroll Technologies Group, Inc

Mike Hastings,

Chairman, Carroll Technologies Group, Inc.

Greg Harris,

Senior Field Technician

Key Learning Objectives

  • To inform listeners about some of the key safety challenges facing US miners and mine operators
  • To update listeners about some of the latest techniques being used to keep miners safe at both surface and underground operations
  • To provide insight on the best equipment currently on sale to help keep miners safe


  • TBC