ROSEN Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics: Tailored Solutions for Challenging Pipelines - Presented in Spanish

Sponsored by: ROSEN Group

Focused on:

  • I L I
  • Bi Directional Cleaning
  • Free Swimming

Date: 27 October


Time: 10AM Mexico City / 11AM Bogota / 4PM London

Featuring New Innovations in Robotic and Free Swimming ILI Solutions


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The concern for safety and the increasing need for compliance with regulatory requirements continue to pressure pipeline operators to develop comprehensive integrity assessments programs for their pipeline networks. With well over 40% of the world's pipeline network considered "Unpiggable" by standard ILI solutions many operators struggle to find viable solutions capable of providing accurate and reliable inspections and integrity assessments meeting the stringent standards set. In order to meet these needs operators have turned to ILI vendors to provide innovative solutions which can safely traverse their complex pipeline networks: we call them "Challenging" Pipelines.

Join ROSEN on October, 27, 2015, at 10am (UTC-06:00) for an hour long comprehensive overview of:
• Challenging Pipeline Inspection: Pigging the Unpiggable.
• Ultra-Compact MFL and UT Technologies Case Studies for Bi-Directional Operations
• Recent Developments in Low Flow / Low Pressure Case Studies for Gas Pipeline Inspections
• Advancements in Robotic Pipeline Inspection Solutions

All topics supported by relevant case studies such as:
• Robotic Multi Trotter MFL Inspection of 10” Gas Laterals – Case Study
• Robotic Helix MFL inspection of 48” and 54” pipes – Case Study

Presented by

Jaime Lopez,

Coordinator and Technical Solutions Lead

Jaime Alejandro Lopez is the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division's Coordinator and Technical Solutions lead for the ROSEN operational unit located in Mexico. Mr. Lopez holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a total of 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. In this time he has gained 12 years of knowledge in Industry Engineering and Design, as well as 23 years of pipeline and tank inspection and maintenance. Within the ROSEN Group Mr. Lopez has acted as both an Operations Manager and Special Projects Coordinator attaining valuable experience and knowledge needed for creating tailored pipeline inspection solutions.

Jaime Lopez's goal for the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division is to develop the best possible solutions for customers as well as to continue to learn from experiences and pass his knowledge on the rest of the team.

Guenter Sundag,

Technical Advisor

Guenter Sundag is the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division's Technical Advisor for ROSEN's South American and Mexico Regions, creating tailored solutions for challenging pipelines. He received an electrical engineering degree from the FH at Vechta in Germany. Mr. Sundag has over 27 years of Industry experience having gained his knowledge about pipeline inspection and maintenance throughout the world, having lead the ROSEN Group in North America. He has held a variety of positions: including Project and Technical Manager, President, Vice President, and Managing Director roles.

Mr. Sundag's goal for the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division is to create solutions which create true added value and contribute to the safety and maintenance or any pipeline asset.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Latest developments in Unpiggable ILI technology
  • Applications for bi-directional cleaning and inspection
  • Benefits and advantages of compact MFL and UT tools for bi-directional operations
  • Low Flow / Low Pressure tool applications


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  • Pipeline Operations Manager
  • Integrity Engineer
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  • Pipeline Engineer
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