Solving Your Piping Corrosion Problems

Sponsored by: Georg Fischer Piping Systems

Focused on:

  • Corrosion
  • Power Plant
  • Power Generation
  • Piping

Date: 7 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Corrosion-free thermoplastic piping systems and connected services for your power generation projects

Corrosion in steel piping and other metal based piping system elements is a widespread issue in the power generation industry. Common symptoms are pitting, leakages, encrustations and inoperable or blocked valves, which will negatively impact the performance, efficiency, lifetime and operational safety of the piping system as well as the power plant as a whole. Ultimately these problems will lead to piping system failures, increased maintenance and repair costs or even profit losses for power plant owners and operators from production interruptions or unplanned outages.

This webinar will talk about how to avoid all of the above mentioned problems by employing thermoplastic piping solutions in your power plant projects. Today a wide range of advanced thermoplastic materials is available to provide solutions for many typical power plant piping applications in conventional and renewable power generation. Product portfolios covering everything from pipes, fittings, valves, actuators up to matching sensors and automation equipment will enable EPC companies and system manufacturers to design and build high-quality all-plastic piping solutions which completely avoid any corrosion risks and will last for the whole lifetime of the power generation asset they are serving.

Of course certain aspects in material selection, engineering and designing with thermoplastics and proper quality assurance have to be considered to achieve high-quality, efficient and long-lasting piping system results for your power generation customers. This webinar will show how all involved piping project stakeholders such as Engineers & Consultants, EPC companies, general contractors, system integrators, installers and also plant owners & operators can benefit from a total solution approach for thermoplastics in all stages along their journey towards a successful piping project.

Please join us for this webinar session to learn how you can solve your power plant piping corrosion challenges.

Presented by

Gero Meinecke,

Global Market Segment Manager Energy

Gero finished his studies in electrical engineering at the Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1999. As a qualified Dipl.-Ing. for automation technology, he joined Siemens Power Generation in Erlangen, Germany as a project manager for global power plant instrumentation & control projects. Further, as a strategic consultant he was responsible for the long-term product and technology planning of the entire Energy division. Finally, in the role as product line manager, he was driving the product development, marketing and commercialization of gas-fired power plant solutions. During this time, he collected all relevant professional experiences and got to know the power industry in all its diversity.

In January 2017, Gero joined Georg Fischer Piping Systems headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland as Global Market Segment Manager Energy. This new position makes him responsible for tailored regional go-to-market strategies in the energy segment and customer centred development of value selling approaches for GF products and solutions in the power industry.

Mr Sanjay Patel,

Global Project Service Sales Manager

Sanjay completed his studies at University of Manchester UK, as a qualified Materials Scientist BSC (Hons) and Diploma, and has over 25 years of industry experience, after joining GF Piping Systems in 1992. During his development, he was tasked with several challenging roles, as measurement & control specialist, technical specialist and sales manager, before moving to a more strategic marketing orientated position.

In recent years he moved to GF Piping Headquarters in Switzerland, as Global Segment Manager Chemical Process, Energy and now as Global Project Service Sales Manager. Experience within an innovation driven global company, build-up of new business segments, with a sound knowledge of strategy development and applications. In each case, developing both the local and global customer base, in providing the best plastics solution for customers.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to avoid corrosion problems by using thermoplastic piping solutions
  • Learn about typical power generation applications that benefit from thermoplastic piping
  • How to enable successful piping projects with integrated engineering services
  • How to ensure installation quality via non-destructive testing services


  • Plant owners
  • Plant consultants
  • Engineering managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • QA/QC Managers
  • NDT Manager
  • Logistics Managers
  • Head of Piping
  • Process/Technology Manager
  • C Levels
  • Materials manager
  • Project Managers