Using Mobile Operator Rounds to Achieve Excellence in Plant Operations for Chemical, Oil and Gas Companies

Sponsored by: ABB Enterprise Software

Focused on:

  • Plant Operations Facilities
  • Digitalization
  • Mobility
  • Mobile Handhelds

Date: 25 October


Time: 11:00 BST / 12:00 CET / 13:00 AST / 14:00 GST

Digitalization of key operations processes

Operators of chemical, refining, midstream and offshore facilities face a unique set of challenges to operate their facilities more safely, efficiently and economically, with less impact to the environment, and often with fewer personnel and resources. The industry as a whole is focusing on ways to better manage the routine duties of operators and managers in their production facilities as a way to meet these challenges. Managing routine duties in a complex operations environment demands a comprehensive, integrated software system that not only optimizes performance, but can be implemented quickly and adapted to site-specific procedures and processes.

In today’s digital world, connecting devices, systems, solutions and services is enabling companies to know more, do more and do better, together. Join ABB’s Ferenc Tóth, Business Solutions Consultant, in our upcoming webinar to find out how your facility could quickly improve reliability, safety and consistency of information within a single financial year.

This webinar will show how best of breed approaches – proven and in use by over 100,000 plant-based personnel for over 20 years - combined with digital capability are revolutionising the world of plant operations and ensuring the safest and most productive working environment for users of facility assets across the globe.

Presented by

Ferenc Tóth,

Business Solutions Consultant

Ferenc Tóth has over 18 years’ experience in different areas including change and flow management consulting, sales, marketing outsourcing, business and management. During his career he has built up skills and experience with different market participants, such as private and governmental organisations, SMEs and multi-national companies.

He has knowledge of industrial software sales cycles and how presales activities support them, as well as the phases of the implementation project life cycle ranging from business analysis through testing to implementation.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to improve inspections, routine duties and other plant operations processes & automate the plant logbook
  • How to reduce time and costs of operation and maintenance activities including use of mobile handhelds
  • How to make unexpected overruns on plant shutdowns/outages a thing of the past
  • What it takes to implement and drive benefits within your organisation by moving your operations to the future with ABB Abilityâ„¢ digitally-enabled services


  • Operators
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Head of Operations
  • Plant Operations
  • Plant Managers
  • Maintenance Managers