Utility modernization is happening around the world; can Digital Land Mobile Radio help?

Sponsored by: Tait Communications

Focused on:

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Date: 15 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Harnessing Change to Drive Business Value

The only constant is change! I am sure that is exactly how utility operators are feeling today. Confronted with changes in energy supply, aging transmission and distribution systems and changes in consumption, utilities are being forced to modernize at an astounding pace. With these investments new opportunities for value through information are created, all while addressing the “must have investments” to integrate renewables, modernize grid operations and support the participatory consumer.

This webinar is an opportunity for Tait Communications to share what we have learned from our utility industry observations.

What we are seeing is dramatic changes throughout the energy value chain.
• Supply can come from centralized or distributed resources, and capacity can shift as quickly as the weather
• Aging transmission and distribution architecture needs modernization to support automation and integration of renewables
• The Energy Consumer is less predictable; with some consumers that are net suppliers, and others that can double their demand with the purchase of an electric car.

These are the changes utilities have to address in order to maintain power quality, grid stability and system resiliency. Much like investment in land mobile radio for mission critical communications, utilities have to invest in the grid, but just like land mobile radio, they need more value that just simply maintaining the status quo.

Presented by

Philip Mullins,

Solutions Marketing Manager

Philip Mullins comes to Tait as the former Executive Industry Consultant in IBM's Global Center of Excellence for Energy and Utilities . He served both internal and external clients as a trusted adviser on utility communications and was a leader in the development of IBM's Global Intelligent Utility Network Communications Reference Architecture and Solution Offering.

Philip has over 32 years of experience in the communications technology and Energy and Utilities industry with deep subject matter expertise in radio based technologies including; Analog and Digital Land Mobile Radio, Microwave, Analog and Digital Cellular, MESH and WiMAX. Over the past 10 years, Philip has focused on Smart Grid related communications, executing strategy and assessment engagements at leading US Utilities and developing intellectual capital assets that supported IBM's global solution delivery teams.

Philip is also an IBM Inventor, holding five issued patents, with 1 patents pending,

Prior to IBM, Philip was a leader in Texaco's Global Information Services organization for several years and prior to that spend 14 years as a senior member of the technical staff at Motorola and supported the evolution of wireless technologies through the early development of Digital Land Mobile Radio through Digital Cellular and emerging 3G Technologies.

Philip is also a United States Air Force Veteran that specialized in Ground Radio Communication Systems, and Combat Radio Communications Systems.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how changes in the energy value chain is driving grid investments
  • Learn how information is providing new value from these investments
  • Learn how Digital Land Mobile Radio is able to deliver mission critical voice and data and return quantifiable benefits to the business.


  • Electrical Utilities
  • Gas Exploration and Pipeline Distribution
  • Water Utilities
  • VP Operations
  • ICT Director
  • Head of ICT
  • CIO
  • SCADA engineers
  • Telecommunications
  • Organizations that require remote automation and telemetry of devices and machines over wide geographies.