Value Based Decision Making

Sponsored by: Tait Communications

Focused on:

  • Grid
  • Utilities
  • Ea
  • Networks

Date: 5 March


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A Utility Case Study for LMR modernization

The Utilities Industry is modernizing and legacy land mobile radio is one of the many areas utilities are investing in. Luckily, modern digital mobile radio systems are becoming more than voice dispatch system, they are becoming a critical enabler for advancing the operational capabilities of grid operators. Thanks to inherent capabilities such as location, short messaging and packet data, the crystal clear digital audio quality of DMR Tier III is just one of many value attributes that make it the right choice for the value based decision maker.

This webinar is a case study in value based decision making. EA Networks, a long-time customer of Tait Communications, confronted the need to modernize based on achieving greater business value from their private radio system.

Our relationship may have opened the door, but our DMR Tier III compliant solution is what is enabling EA networks to achieve greater business value from their private radio system than ever before. Working together, we are enabling greater operational capabilities that return more value to the business in the form of lower operating expenses, avoiding capital investments in secondary networks and improving the visibility and control of critical grid assets.

Join us as we explore how EA Networks approached LMR modernization, the choices they made, the use cases they support and the business value they are achieving. Register today!

Presented by

Philip Mullins,

Solutions Marketing Manager

Philip Mullins is a Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager focused on Energy and Utilities. He is a former Executive Consultant with IBM's Energy and Utilities Global Center of Excellence and prior to that he was the Smart Grid Communications Executive for IBM Sales and Distribution.

Philip has over 32 years of experience in communications technologies and the Energy and Utilities Industry with deep subject matter expertise in radio based technologies. Prior to his 13 years at IBM, Philip was a leader in Texaco's Global Information Services organization and prior to that spend 14 years as a senior technical staff member at Motorola and supported the evolution of Land Mobile Radio and Cellular Technologies. Philip is also an United States Air Force Veteran that specialized in Ground Radio and Combat Radio Communications Systems and holds 4 US and 1 Chinese Patent in radio related technologies.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The Value Attributes of DMR Tier III
  • The Business Drivers for LMR modernization
  • EA Networks Use Cases
  • The Business Value of Digital Mobile Radio


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