When will electricity wholesale prices in Europe start to rise?

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Date: 8 December


Time: 3PM London

How interconnection, renewables and emission targets are transforming European energy markets

In recent years, analysts have claimed that European energy prices have no reason to rise. As energy efficiency measures take effect, electricity consumption growth levels remain low. At the same time, Europe is moving towards a single electricity market while continuing to expand renewable capacity. With the resulting increase in competition and overcapacity driving prices down, better affordability seems firmly on the horizon for European energy… or does it?

Could unforeseen knock-on effects actually cause European energy prices to rise? Could the gas market tighten? If so, when? And, what are the key market drivers that will play into this? From the retirement of nuclear, coal and lignite, to interconnection expansion and cross border trading, how will different influencing factors shape the European electricity market in the years to come? In light of increasing intermittency, what role will advancements in forecasting technologies and demand-response play?

Fundamentally, in a market where “the only constant is change”, it might not be the laws of economics, as much as the laws of evolution, at work. For market players, the challenge lies not only in understanding price trends, but also in navigating a new merit order evolving from these rapid changes. For it is not the strongest, but rather the most adaptable, that thrive in times of change.

Join ABB’s energy market experts from the Enterprise Software group for an analysis of this ever-evolving landscape of European energy. Whether you’re an energy trader, a large electricity consumer or just want to learn more about the latest market trends, you will come away with real-world, actionable takeaways to help you make the right strategic and operational decisions for your business.

Presented by

Kavi Singh,

VP, Energy Market Analysis

Dr. Kavi Singh is the Vice President for ABB’s Energy Market Analysis and Power Portfolio Optimization solutions for the EMEA and APAC regions. His industry experience spans electricity generation, transmission, distribution, trading and risk management, wholesale and retail markets and smart grid. Kavi’s recent client engagements have been on optimizing operations and investments, assessing market risks and opportunities, and achieving value from advanced analytics.

Key Learning Objectives

  • When will European electricity prices rise: a fundamentals-based forecast
  • How will increasing renewables and storage affect the market?
  • When will capacity in European energy markets tighten?
  • Who will the “winners” and “losers” be in European energy? Will conventional generation survive?


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