Clean Label – Trends and Solutions

Sponsored by: Emsland Group

Focused on:

  • Food
  • Manufacturing
  • Starches

Date: 4 March


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to appeal to consumer demands for clean label products

Clean label product concepts are on the rise worldwide and become the norm in numerous product segments. Clean label nutrition – or foodstuffs free of E-numbers and chemical-sounding ingredients – is an influential factor in the food industry, as consumers are checking declarations very thoroughly and opting for the most natural products available. This opens up a range of challenges and opportunities for those supplying food products to find more natural ways of offering convenience foods with the same functionality previously achieved with the inclusion of additives.

Emsland Group offers clean label starches manufactured exclusively through a physical process. These starches simulate the properties and functionalities of a chemically modified starch. These starches have been in development for many years now with the main challenge being to match the quality, functionality and properties of chemically modified starches.

Henk and Martina will discuss how these more stable clean label starches can be used in foods that need a heating process during production and are then, for example, stored under cold or refrigerated conditions. Additionally, they will explain how they can be used as excellent binding and thickening agents in soups and sauces, semi-preserved foods, mayonnaise, ketchup, liquid products as well as in snacks and catering systems. They will also point out the requirements for our clean label starches and flakes compared to modified starches and flakes.

Presented by

Henk Jaap Meijer,

Director Marketing and Innovation

Mr. Meijer graduated in 1988 from State University Groningen in The Netherlands with a degree in Polymer Chemistry. He has worked for a Dutch Potato Starch producer for 13 years on the development of starch derivatives for food and technical applications. For two years he executed business development for food supplements at Loders Croklaan. At BASF Plant Science he was involved in the development of applications for amylopectin and high-amylose starches from genetically modified potatoes. Since 2007 Mr. Meijer works with Emsland Group where he is Director Marketing & Innovation.

Martina Herrmann,

Head Food Research & Development Dep.

Martina Herrmann has nearly 30 years of working experiences within the starch section. She starts her career with an apprenticeship as chemical laboratory assistant at Emsland Group and was appointed to Head of the Research and Development Department for section food in 2006.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Empure® allows natural and healthy lifestyle positioning of e.g. snacks, soups & mashed potatoes.
  • Empure® clean label starches and flakes guarantee an excellent appearance of food products.
  • Empure® KJEL shows stable viscosity during prolonged storage.
  • Empure® is available both as cook up and cold swelling versions.


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  • Food Technologists
  • Product Developers
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  • Senior Director