Manage hunger to achieve weight management goals

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Date: 24 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Creating consumer products using clinically-supported ingredients for enhanced satiety and hunger control

Worldwide, the overweight and obese population has nearly doubled since 1980 with almost 70% of adults and nearly 32% of school-age children falling in to one of these categories. Thus, there are a growing number of consumers that are looking for weight management products that can easily be incorporated into a healthier lifestyle with no undesirable side effects.

However, no matter how "healthy" a food is perceived as being, very few consumers are willing to sacrifice taste, texture, mouth feel or overall product quality for the sake of health. This is why it is important to select ingredients that does not compromise these important criteria and regain consumers' confidence back in purchasing weight management products.

This webinar will share information about Kemin's patented ingredient, Slendesta® and the benefits of its use in weight management consumer products. We will touch on the trends we have seen in the weight management category and what we feel is critical for success to remain competitive in this industry. This will include information on Slendesta's mechanism of action, key human clinical studies, and Made in the USA. We will also briefly review several new satiety enhancing food products available for consumers that include Slendesta in the formulation.

Presented by

Brenda Fonseca,

Technical Service Manager

Brenda Fonseca currently serves as Global Technical Service Manager for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. Her work at Kemin focuses on providing scientific expertise and training for Kemin's innovative product line of botanical ingredients including Slendesta. Prior to joining Kemin, Brenda conducted behavioral science research in laboratories at the University of Washington, University of Southern California, and Northwestern University. Brenda has a Master's Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Iowa and is the author of multiple books, book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles. She has had the opportunity to speak at numerous invited public speaking events and academic conferences.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • All Natural Vegetable Protein, 100% made in the USA ingredient
  • Focuses on satiety for safe, sustained weight management with no known side effects
  • Solid clinical studied ingredient with substantiation
  • Patented Process, GRAS, formulated into numerous delivery forms


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