Hybrid Capacitors for Hi-Rel Applications

Sponsored by: Evans Capacitor Company

Focused on:

  • Hybrid Capacitors

Date: 14 June

Days to go: 2

Time: 2PM London/ 9AM New York

Discover how new advances in capacitor technology can take your system to the next level.

Designers are constantly tasked with reducing the size and weight of their systems while improving overall performance. Proper component selection is a critical step in accomplishing these goals. Most component vendors continuously innovate to offer new and improved options. Being aware of the newest available technologies is a vital part of designing an advanced system.

Traditional capacitor technologies such as tantalum and aluminium electrolytic have been used for decades in a wide range of applications. While these trusted and proven technologies continue to be used today, they have electrical, environmental, and physical limitations. EVANSCAPS offer an advanced solution to applications where achieving high performance while minimizing space and weight are critical.

This webinar will discuss how EVANSCAPS hybrid capacitors achieve their industry leading power density and how EVANSCAPS compare to other capacitor technologies. Finally, a case study will be performed to step through the design process and calculations to show how to choose the right capacitor for an application.

Whatever your capacitor needs may be, please join our webinar to learn about your capacitor options and gather a better understanding of the recent advantages in capacitor technology.

Presented by

Misha Pierre-Mike,

Sales and Marketing Manager

Misha holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering and has worked in the capacitor field for 10 years in both engineering and sales. Prior to working at Evans Capacitor Company, Misha worked at Aerovox (now known as CD Aero) where he specialized in film capacitors.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn more about the latest capacitor technologies
  • Compare various capacitor technologies to see pros and cons of each option
  • See how ESR impacts system performance and capacitor selection
  • How various capacitor options can impact cost of your capacitor bank


  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Power Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Component Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Director of Engineering
  • Chief Technology Officer