Advancements in Process Solutions: Hot melt Technology for Granulation and Coating

Sponsored by: ACG Worldwide

Focused on:

  • Hot Melt Technology
  • Process Solutions
  • Granulation
  • Coating

Date: 15 November


Time: 11AM New York / 4PM London

Learn about an advanced and cost-effective process technique using Fluid Bed processor for granulation and coating in Oral Solid Dosage forms

Many pharmaceutical oral solid dose products require the application of coatings to provide for taste mask, barrier and/or functional properties. These coating processes often require significant amounts of energy to dry the coated substrate following the coating process and can be time consuming. Processes involving organic solvents may also require additional steps to eliminate trace amounts of solvent requiring additional equipment manufacturing steps and production time. The other application of hot melt process is granulating the powder with fatty acid to alter the dissolution and thereby enhancing the bio availability of the drug with poor solubility and bio availability.

Hot melt processes, utilizing a molten material to coat or granulate the substrate in place of a polymer solution/suspension, can significantly reduce the overall process time and energy requirements through the elimination of the drying step as the formulation will solidify upon cooling. These processes have been employed in many applications outside of the pharmaceutical industry and have also been adapted to pharmaceutical use within equipment conforming to GMP requirements.

This webinar will focus on the hot melt coating and granulation processes performed within fluid bed systems. The presenters will review the benefits of fluidized bed systems, the modifications required to adapt the fluid bed processor for this specialized process, typical process parameters for the hot melt process and review several case studies utilizing this technology.

Presented by

John Carey,

Managing Director, Xertecs Inc

John Carey is the Managing Director of Xertecs Inc., the US sales & service representative of ACG Engineering’s Process Technology Division.

John has over 30 years of experience with solid dose process equipment, with a focus on granulation, fluid bed processing & tablet coating technologies. He has held positions in engineering, sales and sales management.

John is a member of ISPE, AAPS and AIChE and has given numerous presentations in the area of fluid bed design and processing capabilities. John has authored several articles on the subject of fluid bed design and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the College of Engineering at Rutgers University.

Vasant Shetty,

Head, Process Technology at ACG Pharma Technology, the Granulation & Tablet Coating division of ACG Engineering.

Mr. Shetty has over 25 years of total industrial experience in the various fields like Pharma Production, Process Development and Pharma Engineering. He has to his credit 2 patents, and more than 70 presentations/ lectures in different national and international conferences. He has received best scientist award for his contribution at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories in 2007.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Overview of fluid bed granulation and coating processes
  • Understanding the advantages of hot melt processes
  • Understanding the design modifications necessary to support hot melt process within a fluid bed processor.
  • Understanding current applications of hot melt process within OSD through case studies


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