Aluminium Based Primary Packaging Foils: A Holistic Approach for Blister Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sponsored by: ACG Worldwide

Focused on:

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Blister Packaging
  • Barrier Packaging

Date: 23 January


Time: 10AM New York

Latest trends in cold form blister packaging technology, barrier classifications and how to select the right packaging films for a blister pack

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is continuously faced with challenges such selecting the right packaging material as per the barrier requirements, the processability and machinability of the packaging foils, excessive cost of manufacturing and matching the expectations of stringent regulations. These challenges are compounded with increasing competition placing tremendous pressure on everything from introducing the new packaging materials and technologies, reducing price of raw materials to logistics.

Pharmaceutical companies must a holistic approach right from selecting the packaging technology, materials and look at other ways to reduce costs to remain competitive.

Aluminium based blister packs also known as Cold form blister packs are most commonly used as unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules etc. Aluminium based blister packs help to provide an impermeable barrier to moisture, light, oxygen, and other gasses. It also maintains the product integrity, offers complete protection proving to show high patient compliance rate. These attributes of cold form packaging solutions play a vital role in the extending the shelf life of medicine and also influence the growing packaging demand from pharmaceutical industry.

This webinar will focus on the holistic approach for blister packaging for pharmaceutical industry using aluminium based packaging solutions. The presenters will review the benefits of using cold form foils as primary material for blister
packing the pharmaceutical products, the barrier classifications based of the requirements of the molecules, the technique of selecting the right packaging structures for medicines to be packed in blister packs. With the experience of providing the hundreds of pharmaceutical packaging solutions and handling 1000+ formulations throughout the globe, our experts bring this experience to our valuable customers across the globe.

Presented by

Dr. Erwin Pasbrig,

General Manager - Development and Technology

Dr. Erwin Pasbrig has over 35 years of experience in packaging material for pharma and medical devices for product development and application technique with all leading pharmaceutical companies.

He has spent 23 years in the Asian Market in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Currently, he is working and living in India.

He has a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Merseburg, Institute of Technology & Chemistry and has completed a PhD in Chemistry in 1979. Since 1983 he has worked in development of packaging materials, mainly for pharmaceutical and medical application.

He has more than 20 patents to his name and has received varied awards for innovation. Along With his team, he has received recognitions like World Star, EAFA and Deutscher Verpackungs Wettbewerb
He currently heads Development and Technology for Aluminium based products at ACG Films & Foils.

Mr. Parixit Ashar,

Manager - Business Development

Mr. Parixit Ashar has over 10 years of experience in packaging for Pharma and Food and has spent 10 years in the global Market in regions such has Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. He handles business development for aluminum based packaging films for ACG films and foils and holds Bachelor degree in Engineering with Masters in Business Administration. He also holds degree in Import Exports and Foreign trade. He has worked in Sales and Business Development functions.

Currently he is associated with ACG Group – Films and Foils division heading the Business Development for Aluminium Product range.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Need for the right barrier packaging solutions
  • Cost optimization with right packaging material
  • Criteria for selection of right packaging material
  • Barrier classification with application examples


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  • Senior Management
  • Packaging Developments
  • General Management
  • Operations and Purchase
  • procurement and Sourcing