An Update on Russian Traceability Requirements: Getting Ready for the 2020 Implementation Deadline

Sponsored by: ACG Worldwide

Focused on:

  • Traceability
  • Counterfeiting
  • Serialization

Date: 26 April


Time: 17:00 (Russia)

Decode complex Russian traceability requirements and get ready for a successful 2020 implementation deadline with the world's only market ready track and trace solutions provider

Counterfeiting of medications is a major problem faced by the global pharmaceutical industry. Owing to globalization, the supply chain for medicines has become lengthier with every step offering another opportunity for counterfeiters. Thus, global track & trace requirements have become stringent putting tremendous pressure on the supply chain’s transparency.

Pharmaceutical companies do believe that counterfeiting can be reduced significantly by implementing product serialization. Serialization requires a comprehensive system to track and trace the passage of prescription drugs through the entire supply chain. Therefore, serialization is often looked upon as an effort- and cost-intensive process.

ACG works closely with pharmaceutical companies across the globe as a track & trace implementation partner. ACG’s webinar on “An Update on Russian Traceability Requirements: Getting ready for the 2020 implementation deadline” aims at systematically decoding the complex Russian traceability requirements and preparing yourself for a successful 2020 implementation deadline.

Presented by

Mr. Arun Khurana,

Deputy General Director, Technostar

Mr. Arun Khurana has been working closely with the Russian pharmaceutical machinery industry. He is in-charge of technical services, sales and marketing for Technostar, the Russian partner of ACG. His broad experience includes handling a wide range of pharmaceutical machines ranging from capsule filling machines, blister and cartoning machines to inspection and Track & Trace systems.

The adept knowledge of the Russian Pharma market has enabled him to understand and cater to the specific customer requirements.

Mr. Harpal Singh,

Director, ACG Inspection

Mr. Harpal Singh started his career with an instrumentation company and worked extensively with aviation, automobile and railway industries to conceptualize and develop systems for testing and validating the quality of components. Carrying forward his interest, Mr. Singh started working on promoting packaging quality inspection systems for pharmaceutical industry.

In his current position, he is the Director of ACG Inspection Systems Pvt Ltd and is responsible for international markets, marketing strategies and new product trends and development. In his 10 years of experience, he has been closely associated with anti-counterfeiting endeavours which are being rolled out to globally regulated markets.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Global Track & Trace Regulations and Trends
  • Insights on Russian Traceability Requirements
  • Building the team for managing the Track & Trace project implementation
  • Understanding the implementation needs and selecting the right implementation partner
  • Key challenges and learnings from the worldwide implementation
  • Managing the serialization during actual production process


  • CXOs
  • Heads of Purchase Department
  • Purchase Manager
  • Projects Head
  • Project Manager
  • Head of Regulatory Department
  • Regulatory Consultant
  • Heads of Packaging Department
  • Plant in-Charge/Heads
  • Head of Quality Control
  • Production Heads
  • Production Manager
  • Head of IT Department