5 Best Practices for Using Connected Devices in Clinical Trials

Sponsored by: CRF Health

Focused on:

  • I O T
  • Internet Of Things
  • Clinical Trials

Date: 9 November


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

The Internet of Things (IoT), the industrial internet and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are forever changing the way we collect, analyze, and manage data in clinical trials. Connected devices bring simplified, more reliable and more accurate data collection. These devices also fit seamlessly into our lives and the lives of our clinical trial participants. But the use of connected devices is not a panacea and prudent implementation in trials requires the use of five (5) best practices to assure positive results.

This webinar will explore the IoMT revolution and provide real-world experiences and best practices based on 10 years of deploying connected devices in clinical trials. Join us to learn about what classifies as a ‘connected device,’ along with best practices for integrating them into clinical trials for impactful medical data capture.

Register for the webinar, “Best Practices for Using Connected Devices in Clinical Trials,” to learn more about the growing connected devices topic and how its enhancing clinical research today.

Presented by

Richard Strobridge,

VP, Healthcare

Richard Strobridge is a leading expert in digital health, telemedicine, health care IT, medical imaging, advanced operating room design and medical technology integration. He specializes in health care delivery and organizational process improvement through the use of telecommunications and information systems technology.

Since the acquisition of Entra Health in 2016, Mr. Strobridge has been Vice President of Healthcare at CRF Health and responsible for P&L, strategic direction and product delivery for this division. Prior to CRF, Mr. Strobridge was the CEO and Co-Founder of Entra Health. Entra developed the MyHealthPoint platform, an online chronic disease management system using wireless biometric capture devices and cellular technology. Entra also invented MyGlucoHealth, the first FDA and CE approved wireless blood glucose meter and mobile diabetes management app.

Over the last thirty years, Mr. Strobridge has founded or co-founded seven companies. Those companies developed numerous innovative products and services in health care, have been involved in the treatment of millions of patients and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.

Mr. Strobridge is a graduate of Colgate University and is listed in Who’s Who in California and Who’s Who of American Business Leaders. He is a member of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), American Telemedicine Association and Biocom. He is also founding Board member of S.T.E.P., a charity and mentor organization for high achieving but low income high school students.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what connected devices are
  • Appreciating how connected devices can be integrated into clinical trials
  • Gaining insight into how connected devices might change how we capture medical data


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