Capsule Based Dry Powder Inhalation: A Holistic Approach for Effective Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Sponsored by: ACG Worldwide

Focused on:

  • Inhalation
  • Based
  • Dry
  • Powder
  • Pulmonary
  • Drug

Date: 4 October


Time: 3PM London/4PM CET

ACG’s comprehensive solution for DPI

Inhalation delivery has gained wide acceptance as an effective non-invasive method for local and systemic therapeutic delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This is due to the unique features of the lungs displaying a large surface area, thin alveolar capillary membrane, low enzymatic activity and avoidance of first pass metabolism.

One of the most used platforms in this technology are capsule based dry powder inhalation (cDPI). This webinar explains from a scientific standpoint why they are interesting within the pharmaceutical community.

The webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits of capsules in DPIs. It will consider various aspects of cDPI and deliver a state of the art review of the technology and solution available from ACG. It will showcase how ACG’s holistic approach to DPIs as a delivery system enables customers to take advantage of our science and engineering capabilities.

Presented by

Mr. Fernando Diez,

Scientific Business Development Manager – ACG Worldwide

Mr. Fernando Diez hold an MBA and a degree in chemistry. His work mission is creating new business opportunities outside of the formal review/tender process and collaborate with external researching institutes and R&D centres. He has long experience in pharmaceutical industry and worked with renowned multi-national companies in the industry.

Mr. Justin Kalafat,

Business Development Manager- ACG North America

Mr. Justin Kalafat at ACG North America, LLC., is responsible for collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry expanding ACG's capsule market share. Prior to joining ACG in 2014, his background includes degrees in chemistry and roles within the generic pharmaceutical industry in quality control and procurement. His experiences enable key strategies to be developed with customers, R&D focused institutions and universities on the technical aspects of capsules as a dosage form solution.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Opportunities in respiratory disease and target therapies and cDPI market trends
  • Summary of various inhalation technologies and advances
  • DPI as preferred solution for respiratory therapy
  • Introduction to DPI Capsules


  • Research & Development professionals
  • Product Management professionals (Respiratory Products Portfolio)
  • Marketing professionals
  • Quality Management professionals
  • Production Heads
  • Supply Chain
  • Purchase
  • Procurement Professionals