Concerned about container-biologic product compatibility? Ompi has the solution

Sponsored by: Ompi - a Stevanato Group Brand

Focused on:

  • Biodrug Contiainer Interaction
  • Protein Aggregation
  • Biologic Drugs Development Ready To Fill Glass Containers
  • Reducing Time To Market

Date: 4 December


Time: 4PM CET/3PM London

Discover Alba: Our breakthrough solution for your biologic drugs

By 2020 biologics are expected to be 27% of the overall drug market versus 22% registered in 2013: this progressive growth of biologics, including biosimilars, are driving the need for new container platforms.

This means that the primary packaging containers industry must support pharma companies with flexible solutions to cut TCO and to reduce the time-to-market starting from the early development stage.

That is why Ompi devised Alba: the simplest way to streamline your biologic drugs development path reducing the risks in the development process throughout its whole lifecycle.

Alba bypasses all the main issues related to biologic drugs, such as protein aggregation, inorganic extractables, underdosing and delamination.

In this webinar you will learn about Alba technology: you will be guided through some characterization test and you will have an overview on our pre-industrial capability and current format availability.

Presented by

Alessandro Morandotti,

Senior Product Manager Alba Platform

Background in Electronic Engineering with a master in Biomedical applications and Devices at University of Padua. Alessandro Morandotti has been working in the primary packaging field for more than 17 years, focusing on pharmaceutical glass products, combination products and drug delivery devices. Thanks to his expertise, his role in Ompi has always been linked to highly technological projects.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Alba technology: A new container platform for biologics and ophthalmic drugs with high sensitivity to primary packaging interaction
  • Why do we have ultra-low Particle Level, reduced Extractables and Leachables and no delamination propensity for vials? A brief test overview on Alba platform.
  • Which are Alba glass containers already available formats?


  • R&D Manager
  • Packaging Development Manager
  • Buyer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Engineering specialist
  • Chemical Analysis Specialist
  • Biotechnology Developer