Digital Healthcare: Are you ready to connect?

Sponsored by: Aptar Pharma

Focused on:

  • Patient Outcomes
  • Dosing
  • Mobile Technology

Date: 22 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Using connected devices to enable greater patient engagement and improved health outcomes

Today, 60% of patients fail to take their medication properly. The success of any treatment is dependent on an individual's adherence to the dosing regimen. Poor adherence is damaging to a patient's health, well-being and quality of life. All too often patients find themselves missing out on daily activities because they do not manage their medication sufficiently. Many patients report wanting to improve adherence themselves and just need help to do so - help that connected devices can deliver.

Why do we believe connected devices and digital health can be the answer? By 2019, mobile phone ownership is predicted to grow to 70% - higher in more developed countries - meaning more people will have access to data-driven mobile technology. A digital health approach will help identify target patient populations with the highest levels of non-adherence. Through efficient targeting of patients, precise information delivery, and prompts to take medication, we expect greater levels of patient engagement, improved dose adherence, and better health outcomes. This will in turn reduce hospitalization events linked to chronic disease, and help decrease the healthcare costs of patients, physicians and insurers. Did you know that every year, pharmaceutical companies in the US lose approximately $188 billion in revenue, with the overall cost of non-adherence closer to $300 billion? The emergence of cheaper, smaller technology has led to a revolution that can significantly increase patient adherence: connected devices.

This webinar will cover the following key areas in connected devices and digital healthcare:

- Developing an ecosystem to support digital healthcare adoption
- Examples of adopting connected devices in clinical studies and commercial settings
- How the regulatory landscape is evolving

You can expect to come away from this webinar with a further understanding of how connected health technology can enable greater patient compliance and ultimately improve the health outcomes of patients, as well clarity on how everyone within the supply chain is set to benefit.

From pharma companies and healthcare providers, to physicians and patients, digital healthcare is a major revolution for all players in the supply chain. By creating a connected eco-system, we can implement real changes at an individual and global level, and leverage new technologies to overcome patient adherence problems whilst improving therapeutic outcomes. So, are you ready to connect? We invite you to take the next step, and sign up for our Digital Healthcare webinar today.

Presented by

Sai Shankar,

Director, Global Business Development – Connected Devices

Sai Shankar is Director for Connected Devices Business Development at Aptar Pharma. Sai has 15 years of product development and business strategy experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Aptar in April 2017, with previous stints at Allergan and Sanofi.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to select an intuitive drug delivery system to enable greater patient compliance
  • How to successfully improve patient health outcomes through connected health technology
  • How connected devices benefit each part of the supply chain
  • How connected devices meet regulatory requirements


  • R&D Managers
  • R&D Engineers
  • Brand Marketing Managers
  • Device and Packaging Engineers
  • Product Managers